Julia Vandehof

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A light that comes and goes. One shadow. The shiny surface of a metal stuck between two lips. Dark. The blurry silhouette of three bodies in the space.

The noisy sound of a sharp bell.

Fight begins.

Little Fly is a performance project that deals with power relationships through movement in a limited space. For this, an abstract and exaggerated approach is chosen: the movement patterns of th...

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I am from Austria. - Australia?! - No, Austria. - Austria? - Mozart…Schnitzel… …. Sound of Music?? - Ohhhh…AUSTRIA!

Die künstlerische Recherche entfaltet sich zwischen einem Gefühl des Heimwehs, der Heimatliebe und der kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit der „Identität“ Österreichs und des Begriffes „Home“ (Heimat, zu Hause, Haus). Durch einen persönlichen Zugang wird eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit Humor und Ti...

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Everybody wants to be beautiful. Do not pretend differently! But what is beautiful? And who defines it? Long or short hair? Big or small tits? Muscles? Tall or small? Will there only be 10 types of models that are defined beautiful? Would you have a beauty surgery? And would you really be more beautiful after?

The play questions norms and ideals of beauty and encourages to define it yourself.

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The performance is a descent into a world of shadows and phantoms and takes the Greek myth of Persephone as its core inspiration. The narrative alludes to the cyclical nature of life-death and to the idea of resurrection, questioning what it means to embrace death-in-life. The audience is invited into a world where they encounter non-linear storytelling, deeply atmospheric soundscapes and striking imagery shown through the grotesqu...

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The Whilst Walking Theatre Festival includes performances, theatrical experiments, and workshops, all pointing towards their unique use of a Theatre Lab setting.

The Showcase is informed and inspired by the performer’s contemporary European contexts, alongside myths and the personal stories of the creators. The collective is for the first time present in front of Indian audiences exploring the universal appeal of creation methods.

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The piece is a performance and a relationship experiment. As two performers strive towards a healthy match, there is a balanced weighting. But what happens if one pushes harder? If one doesn´t give resistance? Or one gives up? The performance is a physical research into the crash when you think you’re on the same page as somebody, but not.

The project was programmed during the Whilst Walking Theater Festival India from January to Ma...

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A caterpillar becomes a butterfly and this image becomes a metaphor for change. But what happens in between? In secret? What happens before a change becomes visible? The theater performance is interested in exactly these processes; the resistance and euphoria; the unspeakable, that first has to understand itself as reality. Visual art, acting and music meet and make theater together!

Something new is about to emerge. Desires and dre...

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Amir Khan, Rashid, Basir, Alidad, Bashir, Nawid: They are between 14 and 18 years old. They were born in Afghanistan and came to Austria in autumn 2015. In “From the Wind, the Sand and the Stars” the young men dance, dance and tell the audience about their culture, their journey to Austria and their arrival.

Moving stories, fiery dances and sounds from a foreign world complement each other to create a funny and touching theater expe...

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