Julia Vandehof

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Everybody wants to be beautiful. Do not pretend differently! But what is beautiful? And who defines it? Long or short hair? Big or small tits? Muscles? Tall or small? Will there only be 10 types of models that are defined beautiful? Would you have a beauty surgery? And would you really be more beautiful after?

The play questions norms and ideals of beauty and encourages to define it yourself.

devised and performed by Lisa Lerchbacher, Manuela Kleinschuster, Sara Schmiedl, Helene Sorger, Ghwyne Vizvary

directed and facilitated by Julia Vandehof & Flo Staffelmayr

technical support from Leroy Werner

2019 Kunstwerkstatt Tulln

with support from Come on! Kulturvernetzung / Land Niederösterreich