Julia Vandehof

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Die Löwen sind den Schmetterlingen nicht lästig!

A caterpillar becomes a butterfly and this image becomes a metaphor for change. But what happens in between? In secret? What happens before a change becomes visible? The theater performance is interested in exactly these processes; the resistance and euphoria; the unspeakable, that first has to understand itself as reality. Visual art, acting and music meet and make theater together!

Something new is about to emerge. Desires and dreams that push into consciousness; old structures that no longer fit in existing form; Step by step. Sometimes timid, then loud and stomping, euphoria meets with resistance.

The theatrical performance is interested in precisely these processes, which are made visible through the means of the performing and fine arts, supported by live music.

devised and performed by Lukas Hochrieder und Julia Vandehof

concept by Julia Vandehof

music by Lelkem

video support by Heiko Keiblinger

assistance by Gerold Vogler, Ghwyne Vizvary

2015 Kunstwerkstatt Tulln

with support from Generali / Stadt Tulln / Land Niederösterreich /Doing Music / Alfred Gebauer