Julia Vandehof

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You've Met Your Match

The piece is a performance and a relationship experiment. As two performers strive towards a healthy match, there is a balanced weighting. But what happens if one pushes harder? If one doesn´t give resistance? Or one gives up? The performance is a physical research into the crash when you think you’re on the same page as somebody, but not.

The project was programmed during the Whilst Walking Theater Festival India from January to March 2019.

Formally, it plays with a movement score, as well as moments of memory and the push and pull of everyday life. A play with fragmented light sources, which lets the audience experience an ambiguous sense of time in the character’s emotional journey.

devised and performed by Niall Fallon and Julia Vandehof

technical support by Matteo Carpi

2019 Whilst Walking Theatre Touring Festival India (United Arts Foundation Bangalore, TIFA Pune, Castiko Space Mumbai, UP 80 Agra , Padatik Kalkutta)